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Everything you should know as a customer

We do everything we can to deliver products as good and fast as possible. We want your online purchases to be an easy and enjoyable experience. In the unlikely event of a problem or if you have any questions, our customer service is available for you. After all, great customer support makes for a great customer experience! We have also prepared a page about the most common questions. So do you have any questions about your order or the delivery time? Or do you have a question about a return or warranty? Please consult the information below. Here you will usually find the most frequently asked questions and information that may be important.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us by email at or via our contactform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and Delivery

You can order our products via the platform of your choice. Our products are for sale through various platforms and sales channels throughout Europe, including, Beslist, VidaXL, Real and Amazon.

Delivery times may vary per product and per country.

The following estimated delivery times are roughly:

• Order today is receive your product tonight (certain products that are stored at platforms)

• Order before 23:59 and receive your product tomorrow (certain products that are stored at platforms)

• Order before 13:00 and receive your product tomorrow at home (Belgium +1 day)

• Order before 15:00 and receive your product tomorrow (Belgium +1 day)

• 1-2 working days

• 3-5 workdays

The delivery time of a specific product can be found at the delivery times indicated on the chosen platform. We do everything we can to deliver products as quickly as possible, but we depend on the final carriers.

The delivery options differ per platform where you place your order. Look for the ordering options on the platform of your choice.

If you have a question about a payment, a payment still to be made or about a letter from a collection agency that you have received, you can contact the platform where you placed the order. We do not have access to payments via orders placed on a platform and unfortunately cannot help you with this.

Most of the ordered products will be shipped directly by ChannelTrading to the address provided by you. We do this in a discreet manner. It is not possible to see what is in the shipment on the outside of the package. We ship all orders in unprinted boxes with the name ChannelTrading as the sender. A small part of our range is located in the warehouses of platforms such as, Amazon and CDiscount itself. These products are shipped by the respective platforms. Conventional packaging materials are used for those parties that we have no influence on. However, even with these orders it is not visible on the outside what is in the packaging.

Which package deliverer delivers your package depends on the store / platform where you place your order.

You will always receive a track trace code with which you can track the order and see when it will be delivered.

We use a range of box sizes for shipping orders. We always try to choose this as well as possible, sometimes due to different sizes of a product, a suitable box is not available and we sometimes have to use a box that seems very large for the product in question. Unfortunately, this can sometimes not be otherwise.

We fill our packaging with recyclable air bags as standard, but we also use as much as possible all materials that come in from suppliers such as boxes and packaging materials.

Warranty and repair

Although we work with renowned brands and suppliers, it can unfortunately always happen that there is a problem with a product. Immediately after purchase or a while after purchase. We always offer a guarantee on your purchases.

There is no specific warranty certificate. You can get a warranty by contacting us and stating your order details. Do not forget to mention the following:

• Where you bought the product

• The order / order number

• Include the date of purchase

• State clearly what the problem is

How long your warranty differs from product to product. The warranty period can vary from three months to two years after purchase.

Many of the warranty requests we have received are related to any of the following. We would therefore like to ask you to check these matters in advance:

• Are the batteries empty? Give it a try with new batteries

• Are the batteries properly inserted (+ and – pole on the right side) as stated in the manual or indicated in the device itself (sometimes very small)?

• Is the battery lock closed properly?

• Is the device charged properly and long enough?

• Is the charger not damaged?

• Have you pressed the control buttons long enough?

• Have you checked everything as described in the manual?

If you have checked the above possible causes and the product is still not yet working properly, then you can register the article for warranty. If the product is under warranty, you can return the product to us and we will check it. If the item is defective due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair the product if possible.

If your return does not work because of one of the above points that have not been checked in advance, we will not process the warranty request and ask you for a contribution to return the product to you.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not cancel the order and do not give a refund, but (if the product is not repaired) we will send you a new one or possibly another replacement product on request.


Are you not satisfied with the received article for any reason? Then it is possible to return your order. There are certain conditions attached to this. And there are a few exceptions where a product cannot be returned.

The period within which you can return an article that you bought is 14 to 30 days, depending on the platform where you placed the order. Check the relevant platform where you ordered for the return period.

The purchased product must be unused and returned in undamaged original packaging. The product must still be salable as new and any seals affixed must NOT be broken as a result.

The following items are not eligible as a return:


Intimacy products, lingerie, drugstore products and other products of a hygienic nature may NOT be returned if the seal is broken (the white sticker with the word SEAL).


If the white area of the SEAL sticker is damaged, the return will be refused. Please note: we also check for SEAL stamps that have been cut and glued together.


Products with a limited shelf life may also not be returned.

This applies to the following types of products (not limited to):

– sex toys

– lingerie

– erotic clothing / partywear / role-playing clothing

– wigs

– drugstore products

– other products of a hygienic nature

– products that are sealed and of which the seal has been broken

Your return will then be rejected and will not be further processed. You will therefore not receive any money back or if you have not yet paid, the payment obligation will continue to exist. You can then pick up the order by appointment at our location in Nijmegen or we can destroy the product for you.

As soon as we have received a return, we try to check and process your return within 1 week. Once this has been completed, you will receive a message via the platform. The platform will take care of the refund once we have approved your return.

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